Patient Reviews

I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain after a MVA injury, and I have tried Chiropractic, physical therapy, and other things to manage the pain – but acupuncture with James Zhan WORKS! I have been coming to him for three months and I notice a huge difference in pain relief and overall better health. I am sleeping better and feeling better. I can’t recommend him strongly enough. Thank you!

M. W.

Dr. Zhan has been a breath of fresh air in assisting my husband in his chemo treatments. He combines a deep understanding, knowledgeable information and a caring, nurturing spirit in his acupuncture treatments. I can see that my husband feels better and looks stronger when we leave his clinic.


I turned to acupuncture & massage clinic after struggling with chronic attention headaches for many years. I also struggle with anxiety and needed to relax all over. I felt so much better after my first treatment and I even dozed off during the treatment session. The experience is incredibly relaxing and I continue to use his services on a regular basis.

C. Z.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I had been to acupuncture a few times prior to meeting Dr. Zhan, but never had an entirely comfortable experience. His office is calming and I loved the classic Chinese music, which certainly makes my experience even more relaxing and comfortable. Dr. Zhan is also really wonderful about discussing how you are feeling that day and making sure to figure out the best course of treatment and realistic expectations about how effective each treatment should be. I have been seeing him mostly for my chronic depression and anxiety issues. I honestly feel like a new person after each treatments. There are not enough wonderful things I can say about him. Plus, he takes health insurance!

A. L.

I visited James Zhan with a really bad sciatica problem after a friend of mine recommended him. After three treatments, I was pain free. He worked a miracle. Thanks!

F. F.

There are few people I would trust enough to stick me with needles. I cannot believe how relaxing the experience was. I fell into a very restful sleep during the treatment and there was a notable reduction in back pain for many days following the treatment.

P. W.

Dr. Zhan helped me so much! I had a severe lower back problem. I was off work for two weeks! He discussed the situation with me and we made a treatment plan. After the first session, I could feel the difference. And after six sessions, I am pain free. There is no doubt he helped me. I strongly recommend him.

D. C.

Dr. Zhan is AMAZING! I first went to him for a sports injury, sciatica. And since then, he has helped me with neck pain, hip flexor pain and give me more energy so that I can continue my Gym. His level of attention, skill and knowledge are unparalleled! When I am there, I can just completely relax and every time I would fall asleep during the session.

J. W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Zhan for over three years. He has treated me for the paralysis due to a MVA injury and I always feel better and more relaxed after the acupuncture treatment. Dr. Zhan is very knowledgeable, skill and passion.

Z. C.

We have been patients of Dr. Zhan for many years, taking the herbs he prescribed and prepared for us the entire time. We especially value that he is trained in both eastern and western medicine. This enables him to integrate both medical models and to guide us toward the most appropriate treatments. We highly value his knowledge and skills.

B. M.

I have been Dr. Zhan’s patient for many years and during that time he has not only helped me through a number of different health issues, but has also informed me and educated me on the importance of treatment as well as prevention. He is both humble and dedicated, as well as balanced and realistic. It is a privilege to be one of his patients. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

C. M.

Dr. Zhan is amazing! He helped me with my seasonal allergy for many years. Some of my symptoms were runny/itchy nose, red/itchy eyes and sneezing. I get acupuncture treatment three to five times a year. He is great, smart and professional. I am a big fan of acupuncture. Thank you, Dr. Zhan!

S. M.

I wished I could found him earlier! I have a bulged disc of L5 and S1. Endless back pain when I sit or stand too long. I saw family doctor, physical therapist and chiropractor for almost a year with no results. He took away 60-70% of the pain in six sessions. I keep telling him that he saved my life. I’m forever thankful I found him.

F. C.

James Zhan is the best. When I started IVF process of pregnancy, I started seeing him to help things along. From the moment I met him, I knew that I could trust him. He was so detailed and positive, that I knew things would work out. I did get pregnant after three trying. Thank you Dr. Zhan for everything!

S. G

I honestly cannot say enough good things about Dr. Zhan facials! I have been seeing him consistently for over a year and my skin is not only rejuvenated and toned but my overall wellness has improved. I am a happy customer.

C. K.

I cannot express enough how much the treatments have helped. I had a terrible dry cough for weeks that I could not get rid of. I had ten sessions of acupuncture treatments and it worked like magic. I felt energized and the acupuncture treatment cleared my cough.

J. L.

I went to Dr. Zhan for help with my PMS. After an extensive initial discussion Dr. Zhan got to work on me; that month I experienced little to no PMS. The following month, after total of ten treatments with Dr. Zhan, I experienced none at all.


I sought out acupuncture for help with my chronic sinusitis and excess mucus, which has been unbearably disruptive to my daily life. My allergist prescribed the usual (ineffective and temporary) nose sprays, antibiotics and steroids. After a few acupuncture sessions with Dr. Zhan and taking Chinese herbal medicine he recommended, my symptoms cleared up dramatically. I am now doing the facial rejuvenation, it’s totally working! I feel better and look better after each treatment and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with him!


I want to thank you for taking such amazing care of me. I have healed from Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis) 100%. My doctor or my family cannot believe that not even a trace remains. I’m forever grateful and hope that all continues to be well in your world.

B. S.

I’ve always been a relatively healthy person with minimal doctor/hospital visits and don’t really consider myself much of a hypochondriac. In the past year, Dr. Zhan made me believe in oriental medicine, specifically acupuncture. He did remarkable work in helping me from pretty major injuries I had as a result of a car accident. I had huge results from my first couple of visits to him. I have recommended him to many other friends and family and he’s always delivered the same outstanding results in heeling them. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone that needs immediate pain treatment for muscular injuries.

L. C.

I had a serious muscular issue in my leg for about three years, which I got from army. It gave me tremendous pain when I walking and standing too long. I went to numerous doctors, specialists and health care providers and nobody was able fix it. Fifteen sessions with Dr. Zhan allowed me to walk extensively and bike again. Now I go to him regularly for a continuing wellness and prevention.

J. M

James is a truly gifted practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. His training in western as well as eastern medicine, combined with his strong intuition and understanding of the human body make him one of the best in his field. He helped me with my rotator cuff tear and shoulder pain. Now I never had problems with my shoulder again and continue to enjoy my sports life. I would recommend James without hesitation.

F. S

I consulted Dr. Zhan with my inability to taste or smell anything after a dental procedure. This had been going on for three years and my wife recommended me to try acupuncture, which helped her with her tinnitus. After 20 sessions of acupuncture, my ability to taste 40 per cent better and smell 70 per cent better. Dr. Zhan is genuine, personable, and attentive and never in all my visits with him have had had I felt as though he was not focused on me and my treatment. The words, Thank You, are not enough to express my gratitude for his skill and expertise.


I went to see James because I had a bad muscle cramp in my neck and was unable to move my head to the right or back for days. I had never had acupuncture before and was scared about the needles. James took things slowly and explained everything. He was patient with my fear of needles and it was a calming and relaxing experience. At the end of the appointment, the mobility in my neck was 90% restored and the next morning it was healed. I would recommend her to anyone in pain looking for acupuncture treatment that is calming and healing.

C. C.

My son suffering asthma almost six years and I’m pretty skeptical about medicines, cures, vitamins, and other fixes. But I don’t want him to take a steroidal control medication every day for the rest of his life, I started to look for other options. A friend had recommended Dr. Zhan and saying that acupuncture helped her asthma. My son started going to see Dr. Zhan in early 2016. As someone who used inhaler multiple times a day, I figured any improvement would be good. After four weekly treatments, my son went three days without using inhaler. After another two months of treatments, he went two weeks without using it. Now, he routinely go a week or more at a time without needing the inhaler. Dr. Zhan has, without exaggeration, changed my son’s life.


I am writing this testimonial in order to thank Dr. Zhan. Prior to being treated by Dr. Zhan, I was taking 6 to 7 different medications. I was suffering with symptoms of fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Anxiety and Depression. I was napping 2-4 hours and sleeping 10-12 hours each night. I had muscle pain, nerve pain, stomach and intestinal pain, along with chronic worrying and depression. After just one month of acupuncture treatments at two times a week, I started to notice a difference. Within months I came off of 4 out of 6 medications. I occasionally have an ache or pain or need to take a short nap, however, I feel 100 times better than I did before I starting acupuncture and Chinese herbs.


My husband bought me a gift certificate for the Christmas present. I consider it was the best gift ever besides my 8 year old daughter, I want to thank Dr. Zhan for giving me back my life without cigarettes. The first two weeks was hard but I have no desire at all to smoke after five sessions of acupuncture. Now a smoke free home, a healthier lifestyle and my daughter doesn’t have to breathe in second hand smoke at least from me. I understand “mind over matter” and I have to want to quit. But no doubt in my mind that acupuncture worked its magic and saving my life from that nasty habit. I didn’t gaining any weight, which is another benefits that quit smoking by acupuncture. A very thankful customer.

S. A.